All men are created equal. That simple strong statement is universal and what guides us at RAW.  For, if all men are indeed created equal then all human life is equal.  If people are dying of starvation and thirst 10,000 miles away or 1 mile away their needs are equal and we must help them.  You’ll see that although we do some local projects the majority of our work has been in faraway places that have the greatest need.  We run the foundation using what Josh calls Entrepreneurial Philanthropy.  In short, we save and improve the most number of lives possible with the resources we have.  It doesn’t matter where the people are, all that matters is where we can have the greatest impact.

Some of our greatest accomplishments;

–          Supplied 200,000 meals to malnourished Children

–          Dug many deep bore water wells in Ethiopia where the locals were dying from draught

–          Created and funded a key water filtration project to fight against “typhoid beach” in the Congo

–          Refurbished and Repaired 13 defunct water wells in Uganda as part of the RAW LUCKY 13 water well project

–          Furnished hundreds of Sawyer Filters for emergency water after Super Typhoon Haiyan

–          Sponsor an orphanage in Bali Indonesia (and community outreach programs)

–          created and funded several CONNECT AFRICA permaculture design courses that taught over 50 community leaders how to capture water from the rainy season and harvest crops all year long (this is already working to eliminate starvation in their communities)

–          Sponsor and establish Sustainable Living Groups (SLGs, formerly known as Self Help Groups or SHGs) which directly build successful communities in the poorest of areas in Africa and eradicate usury.

There isn’t enough room on this page to tell you all the wonderful projects we have been involved in and we rarely update this site. Our time is better spent doing what we love which is saving and greatly improving lives.

How many lives have we saved?

That’s a great question and one we love answering.  We have saved or greatly improved over 10,000 lives so far.  That’s a substantial number and one that we are very proud of. Whenever someone tries to judge us, we look them squarely in the face and remind them of our accomplishments. The thing is, while 10,000 seems like a huge number it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed.  We save these people because we love them.  All people are created equal and they are us.

Let our accomplishments be an inspiration to you.  The world needs you to be a massive success so that you can stand up and join us in the fight for what’s right.

Our proudest single project was to fix and redo Mother Teresa’s well at her Ministries of Charity hospital inside the capital city of Ethiopia.

Mother Theresa’s Ministries of Charity is a “hospital of last resort” that houses around 800 people who are suffering at the greatest level imaginable. We knew that getting them clean water was extremely important. When I first saw the well, it was not in good condition at all. A nun explained that they use it whenever the city water goes out (which happens monthly) and they have to pail-fetch the water because the pump’s been broken for so long she doesn’t ever remember it working! As I walked away thinking of how to fix the well, I saw kids playing around a big red water truck on blocks. The ministry used the truck to supply water to outside communities in desperate need during droughts but the truck was in disrepair. So RAW pledged both redo the well and redo the truck – period. This turned into our biggest project yet. First we repaired the well but learned that the water itself was contaminated – it was only surface water full of runoff and human waste from the surrounding city. Next we dug a new very deep 150 meter well to access fresh clean water. Because it’s so deep we had to install electric pumps. The electricity is sporadic so we created a system of pumping the water into a 7 day elevated storage tanks with many simple nuances to keep things running smooth and sustainable. It’s cost us over $75,000 for this project and worth every penny. This project alone will save many thousands of lives in the coming years.

“I could lose everything and end up sleeping under a bridge but they can never take away the lives we saved”

You helped us do these projects – we couldn’t have done any of this without you.  The best part is that this is only the beginning.