A very special Playlist. Who is RAW?

When you ask yourself, “Who is RAW?” You could think about our insane variety of products that allow us to cater to every individual smoker, no matter their preferences. You could think about the millions of good times that we provided to men and women everywhere for over a decade. You could think of our uphill battle for success that took years of blood, sweat and tears to get us to where we are today. You could think of the happiness that we have given our many employees by providing a fun, challenging and caring work environment.

When you ask yourself “Who is RAW?” You should be thinking about the thousands upon thousands of lives we have saved or greatly improved over the years. You should think about the millions of gallons of water that our water wells and projects provide to remote villages all over Ethiopia, the Dominican Republic and South America. You should think about the initiatives that we have taken to provide work to hundreds of special needs workers. You should think of our work with animal shelters, children with deformities, tree planting campaigns, carbon offsetting, our international efforts, our donations, our labor, our time and our effort to improving life in whatever capacity we can.

We have a motto around the office, which is this: “The only wealth you can keep is the wealth you give away.”

This was a belief that we were founded on and to this day, this is the notion that drives each of our employees to do their absolute best every single day. All of us here at RAW know: The World Is Counting On Us. And we will not let them down.